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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Best Local Author

I am once again nominated for Best Local Author in the BOB awards.

Click the link below, register with an email, and vote for me in the entertainment section under Best Local Author. Vote every day this month, once per day. Thanks!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Vancouver in April

The end of March and most of April has been busy for us.

I had Spring Break off with the girls and found I was still very busy with swim lessons and the lot.

Ali ran 2 Guiding sleepovers; one for the Brownies at the start of April, and one last weekend for the Sparks. Needless to say, she was tired after all that.

After a return to work for a bit, Ali and I took off for Vancouver for a vacation and to see 2cellos in concert.

Here are some pictures. Click the link to take a look.

Now, after another short work week back, the family is off to Calgary where I will be selling my books at the Calgary Fan Expo. It should be a fun trip.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

New pictures

The girls found the photo bear at Walmart which gave them a free photo sitting & some pics.

Here is the result. What cuties. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Head injuries

Two months into 2016 and I haven't posted yet.

January was a very busy month for us as Ringette started again, and Samantha had many rehearsals for Alice in Wonderland. She turned six during the rehearsals and had a fun birthday party.

Anisha also got to participate in her first sporting tournament in January, when her Under-9 Ringette team went to a tournament near Saskatoon and had a fun day playing the sport. She got her first medal and was very proud of it.

In early February, Samantha's play opened and she had a whole bunch of fun acting in it. We went and saw the show on Saturday night of the opening weekend and found it very well done and quite true to the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland.

During the February break, the girls took up more swim lessons. Anish was in swim kids 2 and passed quite easily, while Samantha was in swim kids 1 and found her first lessons in regular/non-preschool lessons a bit of a challenge.
They will be returning to swim lessons for spring break at the end of March.

On some Friday nights I volunteer at my church's Youth group. This past Friday, March 4th, I was playing a game with them, lost my balance, & ran head first into the wall. I was temporarily knocked out and, since the wall was carpeted & I tried to stop my momentum with my arms, ended up with a crazy rug burn on my right elbow.
I recovered ok, my elbow looks terrible though, & I got a ride home, but the after effects have bothered me all weekend. I hit it just right so my body absorbed most of the shock, but now my entire right side of my body aches, lower back spasms, and hip hurts.
For cognitive issues, I find my concentration a little less than usual, thought process seems ok, but I tire easily. I went to the doctor today and got some pretty awesome medication that can help with my back spasms and my ability to sit longer. I've missed the last couple of days of work due to the pain.
I now have a greater appreciation for those who get head injuries and have to deal with the effects for many weeks/months/years later.

With the play is done and ringette winding up this month, it looks to be an easier time for family.
We have plans to go to Saskatoon to catch a Saskatoon Rush Lacrosse game at some point, and then in April, Alison and I will be going to see 2cellos in Vancouver, and near the end of April, we will be traveling to Calgary for the Calgary Comic & Fan Expo.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 Movie Reviews

Here we go... my 2015 movie reviews. I didn't get to see a lot, but here are my ratings for what I did see. Yeah, I am missing a few of the dramas that will be major Oscar contenders, but so be it.

33 2015 movie releases seen. One gets a special rating outside of the reviews because it is both part of my top 10 and beyond it. Not the best, but still the best in my heart, so I excluded it from review to focus on the others.

Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens - I have been anticipating this movie for many years. It was great to see some of the original cast back, and the new cast works very well. Harrison Ford is on the mark as Solo, and Boyega as Finn and Ridley as Rey were great. Isaacs as Poe was an awesome surprise, and BB-8 is a great, fun new droid to watch. Filled with lots of throwbacks to the original movie trilogy, and great action and humour, this was one worth the wait. I can't forget Driver's performance as Kylo Ren. So much to look forward to in the next few movies.

TOP 10
1. Straight Outta Compton - My pick of the year. Great casting, great story telling, raw emotion, great music, and wonderful acting. It made me feel connected to my love of rap all over again, and made me appreciate the role Easy-E had with NWA. I hope this movie wins some Oscars.

2. Jurassic World - So much anticipation and a great payoff! This movie breathed new life into the franchise with a great cast, fun action, and a final battle that was made for the ages. Oh, and the Raptor patrol lead by Chris Pratt was the bomb.

3. Inside Out - So, if emotions had emotions, then this movie is a reflection of itself in a strange way. Touching, funny, and great for the whole family.

4. Fast and Furious 7 - A great addition to the series with some killer action. And, of course, a touching send off to Paul Walker at the end of the movie.

5. Ant-man - Such great fun for a marvel superhero movie. Great special effects and a wonderful addition to the MCU.

6. The Avengers: Age of Ultron - Lots of great action in this one. Hulk vs Ironman in a great brawl.

7. Kingsman: The Secret Service - Fun, outrageous, and a great action film. Samuel L. Jackson's lisp excluded.

8. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - So much great action (that motorbike chase scene... damn!) and fun. I will keep watching these movies as long as Tom Cruise is involved.

9. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 - A great conclusion that did better at telling the story than the book did, well for some parts. Nice to see it wrap up.

10. Monkey Kingdom - I am a sucker for nature movies, and this was a fun one for the whole family. Silly, fun, and a great learning experience for my girls.

The Rest
Spectre - Bond is always great, and even though this was a let down from Skyfall, it was still some great action and neat twists.

Pixels - I found this fun and don't understand the critics reviews of it. I am not an Adam Sandler fan, but I liked this one. Great throwback to my old gaming days.

Tomorrowland - I actually liked this one. A fun cast, great new ideas, and neat ending. Some good CGI to enhance the futuristic look.

Cinderella - Highly anticipated movie for my girls. Very well done, with a great cast.

Mad Max: Fury Road - This is toping the list of a lot of movie reviews, but I don't see the appeal for top space. Yeah, it was good and bonkers, but it wasn't the best of the year.

Terminator Genisys - I enjoyed seeing Arnold back in this one. Emilia Clarke was great as Sarah Connor and the plot and action were fun. Not as bad as many critics rated it.

Crimson Peak - Creepy, yes. Scary, no. Del Toro's visually stunning thriller was neat to watch, but in the end, was not as scary as it could have been.

Home - Can I come into the out now? A nice surprise of a kids movie. Jim Parsons as the manic alien was damn near type casting.

Hotel Transylvania 2 - My kids liked it, and it wasn't as good as the first one, but it was still fun.

San Andreas - AKA How many modes of transportation can The Rock use in this action movie? It was decent, not great, and some fantastic special effects.

Beeba Boys - An independent Indo-Canadian movie about Indo-Canadian gangs in Vancouver. My childhood friend Steve was in this movie. Decent action and fun, it was a gritty look at the gang wars in Vancouver.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Fun spy movie based on the original TV show. Nice action and good humour.

Project Almanac - I love me a good time travel movie, and this was decently done.

Hitman 2: Agent 47 - Didn't see the first one, but I liked the action in this one.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water - Not as manic as the first one... I could concentrate of this better and enjoy the silliness.

Shaun the Sheep Movie - My kids liked this one. Basically no dialogue and all claymation. Not too bad.

Minions - A spin off of Despicable Me, it was cute and fun for the kids, but I was not as impressed as they were.

Fantastic Four - Not as bad as the critics panned it out to be, but not that great either. I was a little miffed that it took them aver half the movie before we saw their powers in action.

Area 51 - A neat plot for a found footage movie that takes place on the UFO hotspot. Neat concepts, but weak sauce in the final act when not everything was revealed.

Unfriended - A great concept for a "found-footage-like" horror movie using internet chat. Didn't make it up to the potential it could have, but it kept me interested.

The Bottom 3
Taken 3 - Much different than the first two as this was more an action movie than a gritty thriller. A big let down, but Liam Neeson still rocks.

Sharknado 3 - The first two were B-movie fun, but this was grasping at straws. Yes, it was intentionally bad, but it was forcing the badness this time.

Chappie - So much potential for this movie. The villain casting was questionable, and the flow was strange, but in the end, a let down from Blomkamp.

I mostly saw the main releases this year. I need to diversify a bit. Hard to see the outliers in Prince Albert, but I try. I'll catch up on the ones I missed in the new year or beyond.